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Happiness is often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction. It can be:

1. Feeling like you are living the life you wanted
2. Feeling that the conditions of your life are good
3. Feeling that you have accomplished (or will accomplish) what you want in life
4. Feeling satisfied with your life
5. Feeling positive more than negative

It is our goal to work with you to instil Happiness in your daily life. That’s how we achieve our Happiness!


1. Freedom is the power and ability to think, act and speak without hinderance or restraint.
2. Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves (Friedrich Nietzsche)
3. Freedom is the oxygen of our life. Not only do we love our own freedom, we also respect others freedom.

We want to work with you to take away any stress you have managing your NDIS funds. When you give us the responsibility to manage your funds you will be free to concentrate on your health and well being.


Integrity is a personal quality that compels you to always do the right thing. It’s the act of behaving honourably. A person with integrity demonstrates strong respect for ethical principles in all aspects of life.

We at Nexzen live our lives with integrity. Our actions are internally consistent and we are honest, accountable, have humility, show respect, are responsible and have compassion for others.

Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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Expert People Matter

Our Team of Nexzen Experts

Mukesh Bajaj

CEO & Founder

Pamela Higgins

Plan Manager


MBA. MPA. CPA. Registered Tax Agent. Cert. Property Law. Dip.Textile Engg.

Mukesh Bajaj was born in India and started business life as a Textile Professional. In 2006 he came to Australia where he studied for his MBA and Masters of Professional Accounting Degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

While looking after NDIS Service Providers for their accounting and taxation needs, Mukesh was shocked to find out that approx. 4.3 million people shared some form of disability in Australia which adds to 17% of its overall population. He decided to learn more about the industry and launched NexZen Plan Management to serve the NDIS participants like yourself by practicing NexZen Values and Skills.


"Any vision can be achieved by aligning our values, habits and goals - Mukesh Bajaj "


Pamela Higgins brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Nexzen Team.  Pamela has worked in Corporate, Business and Not for Profit sectors, including 15 years in banking and five years working throughout  Asia, China and the United States. She has many years in Disability support and management. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Business and an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management. 

Pamela’s experience in the Disability sector includes managing and assisting with Support and Finance packages and ensuring Clients are part of every step of the decision making process.


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
― John F. Kennedy

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Provider Access

Are you looking for a speech pathologist or physiotherapist? We can refer you to our trusted providers on request.

Budget Tracking APP

Our mobile app gives you the freedom to review your Plan and claims at your convenience. The App will show what payments have been made, and you can review your allocations at any time to ensure your spending is on track.

We can also issue monthly statements vie email on request.

Daily Claims & Payments

Nexzen Plan Management guarantee fast turnaround of invoice payment. We give you the option to approve invoices via our mobile app. Once approved we guarantee payment to your providers within 48 hours. If you reject a payment request for any reason we will work with the provider to review the payment request to your satisfaction.

Dedicated Expert Plan Manager

When you join Nexzen Plan Management you will be allocated a dedicated Plan Manager. This person will be your main contact, and will answer your questions and follow up on queries. They will understand your needs and expectations because they will closely work with you from your first contact. They will assist you to plan how you want your funds to be spent and with overall financial management and reporting.

No Cost to you

Plan Management funding is not part of your NDIS allocation, it is separate, therefore it doesn’t impact on the funds you have for your required supports. This funding includes an establishment fee amount, which covers the initial cost of establishing the financial arrangement between you and the Plan Manager, and a monthly processing fee claimed by the us directly to NDIS. This fee covers financial administration expenses, invoice payment and monitoring of your budget.