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What Is NDIS Plan Management?

Plan managers offer a stress-free aspect for the participant because they do a lot of the legwork associated with using your NDIS plan. They save you time because they file paperwork and lodge claims on your behalf. Plus, they can stretch your budget by offering smart tips and advice.

Plan management is different from agency management. If you’re currently on an agency-managed plan, you can only access providers who are registered with NDIS. Switching to plan management gives you about four times as many choices. You can also choose a self-managed plan for the same level of control. So, why not manage your plan yourself? 

Self-managing your NDIS plan means keeping receipts and invoices for up to five years, paying providers out of pocket for most services (and then submitting an NDIS claim for reimbursement), managing claims using the NDIS portal, and maintaining your plan budget. Does that sound fun to you?

If self-managing sounds like too much work, don’t worry. A plan manager helps reduce stress because they do all of that for you (and then some)! 

What Does a Plan Manager Do?

In short, a plan manager does a lot. At a minimum, your plan manager will maintain records for audit purposes, submit NDIS claims on your behalf, pay your providers, reimburse out-of-pocket expenses, and keep you up-to-date on your plan budget. 

 If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough from your current plan manager, don’t worry. You can switch plan managers at any time with no out-of-pocket costs by calling the NDIA and notifying them that you’re changing. Remember, the purpose is to add a stress-free aspect for the participant, so if you’re stressing over paperwork, you probably need to choose a new plan manager.  

Here’s a look at what the best plan managers will do for you. 

How Much Does Plan Management Cost?

With all the perks of plan management in mind, it can be hard to believe that it won’t cost you anything, but it’s true! You can choose between agency management, self-management, or plan management at no cost.

The fees for plan management are paid by NDIS directly. The money comes out of the “Improved Life Choices” fund. So, cost shouldn’t be a deterrent. In fact, aside from being free, plan management is likely to save you money (and lots of time) thanks to the guidance these professionals bring to the table. At NexZen, our plan managers have lived with disabilities and they understand the frustrations of dealing with NDIS. As a result, they can share first-hand advice and insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you like a lot of control and have the time to handle your budget, invoices, and claims, self-management might be a good option. On the other hand, if your plan is currently agency-managed and you’re happy with the service and provider selection, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things as they are. It comes down to what works best for you. 

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Provider Access

Are you looking for a speech pathologist or physiotherapist? We can refer you to our trusted providers on request.

Budget Tracking APP

Our mobile app gives you the freedom to review your Plan and claims at your convenience. The App will show what payments have been made, and you can review your allocations at any time to ensure your spending is on track.

We can also issue monthly statements vie email on request.

Daily Claims & Payments

Nexzen Plan Management guarantee fast turnaround of invoice payment. We give you the option to approve invoices via our mobile app. Once approved we guarantee payment to your providers within 48 hours. If you reject a payment request for any reason we will work with the provider to review the payment request to your satisfaction.

Dedicated Expert Plan Manager

When you join Nexzen Plan Management you will be allocated a dedicated Plan Manager. This person will be your main contact, and will answer your questions and follow up on queries. They will understand your needs and expectations because they will closely work with you from your first contact. They will assist you to plan how you want your funds to be spent and with overall financial management and reporting.

No Cost to you

Plan Management funding is not part of your NDIS allocation, it is separate, therefore it doesn’t impact on the funds you have for your required supports. This funding includes an establishment fee amount, which covers the initial cost of establishing the financial arrangement between you and the Plan Manager, and a monthly processing fee claimed by the us directly to NDIS. This fee covers financial administration expenses, invoice payment and monitoring of your budget.