Let’s Talk About Core Funding

Your NDIS plan has a fund called “Core Supports,” but what does that mean, and what exactly can you spend that money on? Just as the name implies, Core Funding often forms the foundation for your NDIS plan, but it’s so often under-utilized by NDIS participants.

If you’re new to NDIS or just looking to make the most of your current plan, let’s go through some of the many things Core Supports can cover—and how you can start using it to its fullest potential. 

What’s The Purpose of Core Supports? 

The Core Supports fund is designed to cover all the necessities that will help you live comfortably and as independently as possible. That in itself is a broad definition, and that’s probably why so many NDIS participants aren’t using their Core Supports in all the ways they could be using it.

Your Core Supports fund is there for everyday activities and to help you meet the needs of your disability, all while you work towards the independence level and goals laid out in your NDIS plan. In reality, this is the most flexible source of funding in your NDIS budget, which is why you should be using it more often. 

What Can I Use Core Supports For?

NDIS says that you can usually use your Core Supports funding to cover any of these four categories: 

  • Daily Activities: Think yard maintenance and help with household chores. 
  • Consumables: Think everyday items, like continence products.
  • Participation: Think support worker who helps you be more social.
  • Transport: Think bus pass or even the cost of a bicycle. 

Out of these four areas, the “transport” sub-category is the least flexible and you may have that money paid to you up-front or in normal increments, depending on your plan. In any case, your Core Supports fund has a lot more potential than meets the eye, so let’s take a closer look. 

Thinking Outside the Box

With so many possibilities in how you can use your Core Supports funding, we know the NDIS can’t list out every possible example. Plus, there’s no one-size-fits-all spending template. What’s covered by one person’s Core Supports may not fit into your plan in the same way.

But, you know your abilities, needs, and goals better than anyone. So, why aren’t you using all those dollars in your Core Supports funding to help you with them? If the NDIS examples seem too limiting or boring, try these on for size…

Support Workers

You probably already know that you can use your Core Supports to pay for a support worker who helps you with social and community activities, but what about other support workers? The “Daily Activities” sub-category is also extremely flexible and you could probably find a lot of value in having a support worker around to help with your daily tasks and chores.

If you think that the Core Supports fund is limited to cases where you need to have something done for you, think again! For instance, maybe you don’t need to pay for someone to come help you cook, clean, or maintain the yard, but you may be able to use this fund to cover the cost of someone who helps you go shopping or assists you in the garden. 


When most people look at their Consumables sub-category, they automatically think about true consumables that we buy, use once, and throw away. When in doubt, always talk to your planner first, but this is the type of item you should make use of if you can. 

Short-Term Accommodation 

Do you know what happens when your usual carer isn’t available? It doesn’t mean you’re on your own, or even that you have to accept a replacement in their absence. With short-term accommodation coverage, you might be able to use your NDIS plan to pay for you to stay somewhere else for up to 14 days.

There are all sorts of scenarios where this can come in handy. If you can’t be at home because your carer isn’t available, or maybe you’re waiting for something to be changed or improved to allow you to safely live in your home with your disability, this fund might cover the cost of staying elsewhere. 

You may even be able to tap into Core Supports to fund a stay with other people, or by yourself, if you want to go and try something new. While it is limited to 14 days per stay, having this funding can open the doors to all sorts of new opportunities.

Can I Use Core Supports for This or That?

Let’s face it: Everyone’s NDIS plan is different, so you may not be able to get funding for short-term accommodations or a new iPad, but you might be able to unlock all sorts of other exciting changes for growth.

Ultimately, if you have questions about what your Core Supports funding can be spent on (and what it can’t), it’s best to consult an expert. If you’re not already using nexZen Plan Management, we can help you maximize your plan budget and meet your goals with services that bill directly to your NDIS plan.

Ready to get more out of your Core Supports fund? Contact nexZen Plan Management today.


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